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How to prepare for your move before your movers arrive.

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

1. Clean

A few weeks before your move date, commit yourself to cleaning one room per day. For example, start with your bedroom. Clean out your closet, drawers and throw away and or donate any items that you wont wear again. Cleaning not only makes the job easier for your movers but you'll save money in packing materials and labor cost.

2. Purchase packing supplies

Unless you're purchasing packing supplies directly from your moving company, you'll want to stock up on boxes, bubble wrap, tape and paper.

3. Labeling Boxes

Be sure to label your boxes based on the room that specific box will go, in your new home. Specify if the box is "Fragile" to protect glass ware and items that are easily broken.

4. Check in with your home moving company

Call your moving company to verify your scheduled move such as date, time, address, pricing and ask any last minute questions you may have before your move date.

5. Pack a "first night" box

This box will need to have cleaning supplies, shower curtains, pillows/blankets/towels, toothbrush/toothpaste, soap and toilet paper to make sure your first night at your new home is comfortable. The box can be loaded on the truck last for easy access or carried in customers car.

6. Important Paperwork

We recommend keeping important paperwork like your birth certificate, SSN, leasing information, etc. in a folder, with you, on the day of the move. This keeps you from having to re-open packed boxes and wrapped dressers to obtain information, if needed.

7. Last but not least

Don't stress and let Texas Pro Moving & Packing Co. do the rest!